They Matter

I’m middle-aged, and I can live with that. Actually, I’m empowered because through the good decisions, not so great ones, fortunes and uncertainties, I’ve created memories and had experiences that form a strong foundation for my second act.

As the curtain rises, I am firmly positioned and understand that a huge part of my future success depends on those who I invest in, those who I allow to mentor me and those who I spend personal moments with. Every holy book attests to that, and every experience has solidified as much.

To now, every encounter has sculpted my truths, with one recurring theme – the value and sacredness of human connections. Connections that celebrated each act of faith and each success. Connections that were vital during times of bewilderment or when my mind magnified life’s grievances, or when past decisions haunted me. Connections that provided a strong presence, an encouraging word, or a constructive criticism.  Connections that safely guided me through some of life’s most treacherous land mines.

But I had to be open, and I was. I still am. But not just to anyone, and never to everyone.

Those surrounding me must challenge and dare me to rise higher, to dig deeper. They must accept my decisions, even when they don’t understand or agree with them. They must recognize their significance, value their uniqueness, and defer to my boundaries.   And, I am obligated to extend the same to them. Our sameness must compliment our differences.  Respect must be mutual.

I have not pledged allegiance to “Team Me” because, I am not my most powerful operating as an army of one. No one truly is. Therefore, the close company that I keep is not a decision that I take for granted or make lightly. It is not a decision that I leave in the control of others, nor is it one that I waiver on.

Because they matter. Every chosen one.

They matter because intermission is over, the curtain has risen and I am half-way through my production with much more to accomplish.  I don’t have the leisure to make up for past time (though it was pretty well spent).   They matter because each one can impact how far I rise, or how low I fall. They matter because each character will be tattooed in my story, the part in which I have control of the pen. They matter because I will invest in them and their journeys, devoting to them my most valuable assets: time, energy and loyalty.

The stakes are high, and everything matters now.

I feel the same for you. May your company always reflect your worth, and may you never lose sight of your possibilities.

Until next time, be great and choose wisely. Trust your wings and fly high.

Truly yours,


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