Be The Change, Or Be Quiet

I agree.  Change is necessary.

Something happens everyday that confirms it:  a flagrant injustice, a chance encounter with an insolent other, or just that nagging thought:  Enough is enough.

At those moments we’re roused, and like prophets of old we yell, swear, repent and  demand repentance from others.  In an effort to motivate swift change, through word of mouth or pen or taps on a keyboard (or all of the above), we prophesy doom and destruction of cultures, communities and nations. “Time is of the essence! Act now, or else!” we declare.

We mean well.  We really do.  Because the truth is, if we do not find effective ways to integrate generations and societies, or motivate our youth to reach their greatest potential, or commit to causes that will strengthen society, humanity will become permanently demoralized and minorities and the poor will continue to be marginalized and seep deeper into non-existence until they die.

However, threats and fear of destruction have never created long-term permanent goodwill, and being angry without courage and strategic planning accomplishes nothing.  For if those approaches were effective, we would not be prophesying doom and demanding change today.

Something different has to occur.  Now.  Like the so-called experts, many of us have ideas on what should be done and how it all should be carried out, ideas that still need to be fleshed out and tested.  But in the meantime, Mahatma Ghandi reminds us that there is something that we are capable of doing:  We can be the change that we wish to see in the world.

We can lead by example by committing to our individual paths while respecting the courses of others. We can adamantly refuse to succumb to fear and gracefully embrace the inevitable obstacles and sacrifices that are bound to surface. We are capable of interacting respectfully with everyone that we encounter, and we can choose to correct our own behavior.

There is tremendous work and responsibility involved in making society better, even if it is just the small piece of our daily world. If one is unwilling or unable or just not ready to put the work in, that is fine. If one doesn’t want to bear the burden or responsibility, that too should be respected. But to those, stop yelling, stop swearing, and stop demanding that others do something. Just be quiet.

For those who are yelling and swearing and doing, stay your course, but be mindful not to infringe upon others. Remember that your actions will determine if people trust and respect your words. Your actions will propel you to each next level.  Your actions, ultimately, will produce the change you are seeking.

Well, enough said.  Time for me to get back to being the change I wish to see, to being the leader that I expect to emerge, to being the shoulders upon which my granddaughter can stand upon.

This is just the beginning of the process, the very first step.  Hope to run into you along the way.

Truly Yours,


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