I Welcome 2013!

Today is the first day of a brand new year, the day on which in the past I would commit to a list of resolutions that I fully intended to keep. While some of those resolutions were accomplished, many were carried into the following year with the same fervor as the year before.  I’m really going to do it this time, I would say.  At least forty-five percent of Americans can relate to me.

Resolutions are our personal commitments to change in order to become better, different, greater people. I undoubtedly want to evolve into my ultimate greatness, but I often vacillate between whether or not I am willing to accept and adapt to the unpredictability of the process of change – a process that can be relatively easy with low risks and immediate results.  Or, more often, a process that is dense and murky, exasperating and fearful. Even with the best intentions and well-thought out mental and/or inked blueprints, I still never really know which spectrum of the process I will end up on.  Most times I am willing to chance it; but at other times I out-think, out-plan or out-talk myself out of progress, ultimately deferring action to another day, another time, another year.

That stops today.  Right now.

Today I have just one resolution.  In theory it sounds relatively simple, but in application I am not quite sure.  However, I am determined and willing to find out.

I resolve to embrace each change and its process as it comes.

In doing so, I will prepare for those changes that can be anticipated by fortifying my resources and myself so that I will have the adequate strength to deal with the changes that I cannot control. I will set goals and establish guidelines, but I will not bind myself to stringent time restrictions that slowly strangle me and lead to failure.  I will control and redirect the thoughts that stymie me from acting promptly and moving boldly. I will reward each success, exercise patience upon each obstacle, solicit assistance when necessary, and forgive myself when I veer off track.

I enter 2013 faithful and faith-bound, enthusiastic and willing to face the unpredictability of the process of change courageously.  That is it.  That is my resolution.

Happy, Happy New Year!  Great successes abound!

Very truly yours,


P.S. – What are your resolutions, if any?  Feel free to let me know.

10 thoughts on “I Welcome 2013!

  1. Mo, I applaud & salute you! I love you & have faith in you! You will do excellent because you have a “spirit of excellence” in you!


  2. Wonderful!!!!!! Often we want to make changes but allow fear to hinder us. This is very helpful to those who believe its too late to try or even try again. Love it!!


  3. Monique,
    Life is an ever evolving process my friend. So, in the past when you committed to these resolutions the thing I think we don’t take into full consideration is “Unforeseen issues” that will always arise. So, unless we just didn’t make an honest effort to see the resolution through, there probably was some circumstance that arose that we didn’t foresee that kept us from doing what we set out to do. So, in my humble opinion, I think it is best to just work to be better than you were yesterday, last week, month, and year; and eventually you will reach greatness. Great thoughts,and a great way to start the year by taking action on what you said you were going to do. Be blessed!


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